Have you found your authentic voice in your work? Do you feel like you are playing the role of someone else in your work or is it the real you?

Saleema Vellani will inspire you to discover your authentic self to reveal opportunities you might have never imagined for your career!

She’s the founder of Innovazing, a consulting firm that helps changemakers create the lives and businesses they want through consulting, coaching, and training programs by teaching you how to create new mindsets, systems and processes.

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I like to think of her as someone who helps entrepreneurs find their authentic language for designing their business.

And she found her authentic voice by starting several businesses before starting her current one, all centered about language and communication.

Lots of great lessons in this interview including:

  1. How she first became an entrepreneur by co-founding a language school in Brazil.
  2. Why promoting yourself and your work, starts by doing work on your inner self.
  3. How to blend your past work experiences to go after new opportunities.
  4. Why practicing your self-awareness helps reveal your authentic self.

Life Skills That Matter In This Episode

  • Self-awareness.
  • Telling your story.
  • Aligning your habits with your purpose.

How Saleema Works and Thinks

  • Wake up time:  When her body tells her to wake up.
  • Core work activities + habits:  1) Being proactive in connecting and following up with people.  2) Embracing creative outlets in order to foster creativity for herself and her clients.  3) Taking time for self-care and enjoying life.
  • Ideal work environment:  Usually at home, sometimes in a co-working space or a coffee shop if she wants community.
  • Book recommendation:  The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard
  • Favorite productivity tool: Charlie App and Slack
  • 90-day goal:  Work with clients with bigger missions in order to increase impact.

Inspirational Quotes

“Our goal is to empower impact leaders to create the lives and businesses that they want and supporting them along the way.”

“When we help them do that work, that inner work, they’re able to speak authentically to themselves and they can then speak authentically to their audience, to their target markets.”

“I realized I could have a bigger impact by empowering other impact leaders who also have a huge mission in this world and if I can help them achieve their mission, the impact would just be phenomenal.”

Coaching Advice

To begin tapping into your intuition or sixth-sense, Saleema recommended the following actions to recognize when it’s happening:

1) Be aware of it.  Recognize that these are sensations we all have.

2) Trust it.  Rely on your gut instincts when they’re telling you something.

3) Stay open to things that are coming your way by being present and focusing on now.

Resources + Bonus Materials

Mastering Body Language 

Innovazing Goal Setting Guide + Workbook

DC Startup Week

Caminhos Language Centre


The World Bank


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